“Between my Wheat Field”(2010)

The series of works “Between my Wheat Field” is an artistic composition of a particularly expressive personality in which fragments of vivid childhood memories are mixing with others created by my own mind as a result of these experiences. Likewise, it contains a strong influence on the work of Vincent Van Gogh, with whom I am identified on many occasions. As in his case, sometimes it is difficult to accommodate so many feelings; this is the moment when it is necessary to make them gush out. The painting about itself is not enough to unleash all those feelings, so I jumped the barrier and have introduced other tools that enable all to get outside. Thus, the frames are part of the own work and the iron was introduced as an artistic and expressive material. These two factors are reflected in its antecedent “Hands” (2009) in which was obtained the desired results, like these the artwork acquired more moving, more warm and private. For that reason in “Between my Wheat Field” (2010) was used a wood framing and warm colours, reflecting the reality of the person as a starting point, which made to the coldness and intensity of iron appear. In this case as a synthesizer between the pictorial and the sculptural narrative, some of the works in this series has given the end between the conversation of the other materials, while in others maintain it was necessary to intensify these debate because the identification with the viewer.

Fidelini Restaurant, London
Artwork Project